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     Wafer down sizing services for thin film SOI wafers. Having trouble finding small   
     diameter thin film wafers. Purchase large diameter thin film SOI wafers from the 
     major supplies then send them to Ultrasil for downsizing.

     Upon receipt of your wafers, we will put wafer back grinding tape on the side for
     protection or  you have the option of putting photo resist on the device side for the 
     At this time we can cut the following size:

     200mm to 1 slice of 150mm
     200mm to 1 slice of 125mm
     200mm to 2 slices of 100mm
     200mm to 4 slices of 3"
     150mm to 1 slice of 125mm
     150mm to 1 slice of 100mm
     150mm to 1 slice of 3"
     125mm to 1 slice of 100mm
     125mm to 1 slice of 3"
     100mm to 1 slice of 3"

     After cutting the slices are inspected, the good wafers are edge ground, the protective
     tape, if  installed is removed, and the wafer is rinsed and dried, and re-packaged.
     The other ring is also returned to the customer unless specified otherwise.
     Possible options: 
                     Protective tape can be left on.
                     Slices can go through full RCA clean and re-packaged. 
     Please e-mail or call for quote.

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