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  Optional Double bonded active layer SOI Wafers:  
  We can supply double bonded wafers in most thickness and oxide layer combinations. Some items in our on-line inventory.  
  Wafer-to-Wafer Bonding  
  Use as an alternate to thick film Epitaxial with High resistivity or for creating unique structures by bonding different orientations with different doping levels.  
  Standard and Double Side Polished Wafers  
  Double side polished via simultaneous double side polishing Check for availability of specifications.  
  On-Line Inventory for Quick Delivery  
  We have the largest inventory of SOI wafers on the Internet. Check specification availability by going to the inventory looks up.  
  Our Facility and Equipment  
  We are currently occupying 9000 square feet at our current location which includes 600 square feet of class 10 clean room. The wafer cleaning, bonding, sorting, packaging, and labeling are all completed in clean room.  
  A Partial List of Our Equipment Includes:  
  Rigaku xray machines for verifying slice and flat orientation on both ingot and slices
  150mm Slicing Capability
  150mm edge grinding capability
  Double side lapper up to 200mm
  Caustic etching station up to 200mm
  Speedfam Double Side and Single side polishers up to 200mm
  RCA cleaning Deck
  Okamoto precision surface grinding up to 200mm and 1um tolerance
  Filmetrics F50 thin film-measuring equipment
  ADE 6034 Bow/Warp measurement capability
  Ultrasil designed bonding machine with built-in infrared camera
  State of the art DI water plant with minimum 18-megohm water.
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