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Ultrasil LLC, acquired Ultrasil Corporation on April 19, 2019. Ultrasil LLC, is a manufacturer of Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers and it’s located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Hayward, California. In 2001 we shipped our first Silicon on Insulator (SOI) wafers to one of our valued customers, that customer is still with us until now. In 1999 we started production of double sided polished (DSP) wafers and we still do with a good total thickness variation of less than one micron by using a simultaneous CMP polishing machine of the front and back of the silicon wafers. In 1997 The Company was stablished and the first production of standard silicon wafers, Single Side Polished (SSP), Prime Silicon Wafers and Test Wafers was our first products.

Facts and Figures

700+Loyal customers

Loyal customers

1997+Year of foundation

Year of foundation

3.000+Worldwide installed systems

Worldwide installed systems

9001:2015+ISO Certified

ISO Certified

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Brilliant Innovation Ahead

Global Silicon Wafer

We craft premium silicon wafers tailored for diverse applications and custom requirements.

earth-globe  Empowering innovations worldwide in MEMS, Aerospace technology, and beyond!


rating  Experts in making high-quality SOI wafers.


medal-  High-quality control systems ensure exceptional standards.


trust  Your trusted partner in advancing technology with precision and reliability